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Introducing: Rowhouse Financial Partners

Introducing: Rowhouse Financial Partners

September 26, 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of our new brand, Rowhouse Financial Partners! By way of introduction, we want to share the inspiration behind and meaning of our new brand and the benefits it brings to our clients and community.  

Since the firm began 20 years ago, we have grown and evolved to serve our community, clients, and business owners across the Northeast. However, we felt that our branding was not reflecting our development as a company and that it was the right time for an update. As some of you may know, we also recently marked 20 years in business, which is a true honor. In preparation for this milestone, we embarked on a journey to determine how our brand could better serve our clients, and our position in the industry as we look to the next 20 years.  
A New Identity 

At Rowhouse Financial Partners, we believe deeply in the power of connection and community. To reflect this core belief, we looked to our local area for inspiration and were drawn to the historic rowhouses that line our streets. With their rich history and iconic architecture, rowhouses not only originally served as places to live, but over time began to symbolize community, friendship, and resilience, something that deeply resonates with us. The name Rowhouse Financial Partners also pays homage to one of our former locations in a rowhouse in Bolton Hill. Much like the connection that rowhouses symbolize, with their adjoining walls and rooftops, we believe in connecting our community to tax and financial advice. 

Our new brand embodies our core pillars of community, connection, and friendship, and reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive and personalized financial solutions. From our revamped logo to our friendly visual elements, every aspect of our brand has been carefully crafted to symbolize who we are—your neighborhood resource for money matters. 
Our Commitment  

We remain dedicated to providing truly comprehensive, tax-intelligent strategies for you and your family. Our team will continue to offer a wide range of financial advice and tax services to help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on providing clients with clarity on the products and services that best fit their unique situations and individual ambitions, while also being a financial firm where everybody knows your name. Our service offerings remain unchanged and encompass financial planning, tax, investment, retirement, and estate planning services. 

Looking Ahead 
The launch of our new brand marks a significant milestone in our journey as a comprehensive financial planning firm. We are excited about the opportunities it brings to strengthen our relationships with our valued clients and to reach new heights of success together. Experience the power of customized financial support to help you thrive, from your friends at Rowhouse Financial Partners.  

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest news and updates from Rowhouse Financial Partners, you can follow this blog, or our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for tips and insights from our team.